Troy University kicks off IMPACT Orientation.

Incoming freshmen got their first taste of life as a Troy University student on Monday at the first session of the summer IMPACT orientation.

Over a hundred students and their parents are on campus for the orientation session which will prepare the incoming students for their first semester at TROY.

“We are welcoming new students on campus, says IMPACT leader Mary Grace Bannon. “We have about 20 kids in all seven of our groups so we’re welcoming a lot of students on campus and getting them ready to come to classes in the fall. We’re helping them register and get them accustomed to TROY and what all they need to know before they get here.”

IMPACT has experienced some changes this year with the past two-day session now reduced to one day making for a busy and eventful orientation for students and leaders.

“It’s very back-to-back-to-back,” says Bannon. “We’re very planned down to the minute but I think it’s going to go great overall. I think it helps us keep everything moving along well and it leaves less room for any casualties or anything bad to happen.”

For the incoming students IMPACT is a time to get accustomed to their new college home.

“So I came into impact kind of nervous,” says incoming freshman Gracie Keith. “I didn’t really know anyone and I didn’t really know what it was going to be all about and within the first group session I already made two friends. I’ve already learned where my dorm is. I’ve already learned about all the dining passes and everything and it’s kind of been really informational so far.”

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