Troy University’s IMPACT Orientation prepares parents for life as a Trojan parent.

Troy University‘s incoming freshman aren’t the only ones learning about their new college home at IMPACT orientation.

When you think about freshman orientation you probably only consider the students in attendance but parents are encouraged to join their children for the sessions to learn about all things TROY.

“At parent IMPACT they are learning anything from academic policies to dates and regulations,” says Senior Director of Enrollment Services Tiffani Schmidt. “Things that they should expect their student to work through in the fall, some emotions, how to deal with the college transition, all the way to housing policies, you name it. It’s a cram session for the first day here for IMPACT.”

Schmidt adds that while parents are at IMPACT it’s important for them to gather information to make themselves feel more comfortable as well as their students.

“We want parents to join us a so that they’re informed,” says Schmidt. “I feel like a lot of them leave with a sense of peace once they know what to expect. We also want them to come and join in. They are in very important stakeholders. They make the decisions just as much as the students do and we know they are the lifeline to the students when the students are here. So if the parents feel at ease, parents have trojan pride, then typically the students will as well.”

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