Troy University Student Government Association holds first meeting of the school year.

Troy University‘s Student Government Association officially started the semester with their first meeting of the fall on Tuesday Night.

One of the first items on the agenda for the SGA was a new bill changing the way on-campus elections are certified.

“We thought that it was kind of a little too much to have so many people necessarily trying to sign off for the election,” says SGA Executive Vice President Tim Showalter. “So we thought obviously the president would be good, the vice president of internal affairs, the director of elections, which obviously works with the vice president of internal affairs and then officially lastly by the advisor.”

The SGA also hopes to expand international representation in the SGA senate this year.

“We just feel as an executive branch, and we’ve talked about this, that we really think there should be a accurate reasonable reflection of the ratio from how many international seats for those from international countries serving on the senate to the actual international population that attends Troy University,” says Showalter.

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