Troy University and Lurleen B. Wallace Community College sign concurrent enrollment agreement.

On Thursday Troy University signed an agreement with Lurlene B. Wallace Community College that will allow LBW students to more easily obtain a four-year degree from TROY.

“This partnership truly will allow students at LBW to have opportunities that they haven’t had,” says Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. “There will be a cohort group in the College of Education that will begin accepting students and teaching students beginning in the spring so that they can be concurrently enrolled. The second dimension of it really does allow the translation of technical credits into academic credits and students who have gone through the technical programs at LBW will now be able to earn up to 30 credits towards the degree in occupational education at TROY.”

The agreement allows concurrent enrollment in both schools and will ease the transfer process for a number of education degree programs.

“The co-enrollment opportunity allows an individual to enroll in Troy University and enroll in LBW,” says LBW President Dr. Brock Kelley. “With this partnership we’ve identified a certain amount of courses that an individual can take and pay LBW prices but they get Troy University instruction and this will put an individual on a pathway to begin their long-term career sooner and then go ahead and get involved with Troy University.”

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