Troy University ISCO spreads knowledge about Indian culture in its first country night of the fall.

Troy University‘s International Students Cultural Organization held their first country night of the fall semester focusing on India.

Students got the opportunity to learn more about India’s food and culture through a presentation by Indian student Snehal Adekar.

“It feels great,” says Adekar. “This is like away from home and when you get a chance to speak about your own country and how it is so influential and why it basically sets roots right so it just feels amazing and proud to represent one of us.”

One of ISCO’s main goals is to teach Troy University students about other cultures through their weekly country nights.

“All the hard work that goes into planning these things and then being able to see the payoff and getting to see people you know learn about India tonight or to get to try food from India and all that it makes a world of difference,” says ISCO President Jackson Kiger.

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