Chancellor’s Golf Tournament raises $1 million for Troy University student ministries.

A major fundraising milestone was hit for this year’s Chancellor’s 22nd Annual Golf Tournament as it was announced that one million dollars has been raised throughout the tournament’s history.

Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. says the goal was set years ago but the purpose has always been the same.

“It’s on this occasion that we celebrate the achievement of a million-dollar goal being accomplished,” says Hawkins. “We set that goal a number of years ago and we dedicated the money to support forever our ministry for student athletes.”

The student ministries fund supports faith-based programs for students and student athletes. The fund is named for John W. Schmidt, the longtime senior vice chancellor. Schmidt says he hopes this fund will continue to grow his service to others at Troy University.

“It’s a wonderful university to serve students,” says Schmidt. “I know I’ve served there for 22 years and just like my service in the military in the marine corps, it’s serving troops, it’s serving others, it’s going beyond yourself and so I think this will mean to make a difference in terms of another element of service to not only our students but our student athletes.”

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