Troy University joins forces with APDH to “Kick COVID-19”

This Saturday, Troy University is partnering with the Alabama Department of Public Health for the statewide “Kick COVID” program.

The program offers COVID vaccinations as well as testing at different universities’ home football games around the state where students and fans can do their part in kicking COVID.

What they’re doing is they’re going to each of these campuses on a game day and they’re doing a testing/vaccine clinic on the campuses in conjunction with the football game,” says Dean of Students Herb Reeves.

Those who decide to participate in the Kick COVID program can also receive some free gear from their college bookstore.

If you have been vaccinated fourteen days prior to your game day or seven days after you can register for your 75 dollar bookstore gift card at or if you visit the ADPH tent on game day to receive your first or second dose of the COVID vaccine and your 75 dollar gift card.

“The goal here is certainly to increase the number of vaccinated people we have across the state of Alabama, across the United States as a whole, but primarily for the state of Alabama so this is an incentive and a program to try to get more people vaccinated,” says Reeves.

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