Vegan lifestyle is a family affair for Troy University professor.

Dr. Robbyn Taylor is a two-time Troy University graduate and lecturer for Troy University’s Hall School of Journalism and Communication. Aside from journalism, one of the many things Taylor is passionate about is being vegan.

“It’s a little bit of a learning curve when you first start but after you figure it out and you know figure out there’s more to eat than just salad and there’s this whole world of yummy vegan food out there it’s really not hard,” says Taylor.

Some may find that the vegan lifestyle is challenging especially in the south but Taylor does not walk the journey alone. Her seven-year-old son Brooks is also a vegan.

She says this was a decision that Brooks was able to make on his own just at the age of four-years-old.

“He was pointing to snacks and asked if he could have a snack,” says Taylor. “And he pointed to something and he said ‘Animal?’ and I said ‘Yeah buddy that has animal in it’ and then he pointed to peanut butter crackers and he said “No animal?’ and I said ‘Right’ and I handed him the peanut butter crackers and he flipped it over and he pretended to read the back of it and then he hugged it and I thought he understands the difference.”

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