Trojan Softball offers Halloween fun with a Trunk or Treat.

The Trojan Softball team opened their field to costumed children for their annual Trunk or Treat leading up to Halloween.

Last year due to the pandemic the Trojan Softball team was unable to have their Halloween tradition, however, this year the Trojans were back wearing their favorite childhood costumes and giving candy out to the children of the Troy community.

“It’s something we started about eight years ago,” says Softball Head Coach Beth Mullins. “Our girls loved Halloween and we knew that they would really enjoy reaching out to the community through Halloween and so this is kind of our big community event that we do every year and it’s grown as into something. I think it’s a really safe place and fun place for people of the Troy community to bring their kids and it’s a great opportunity for us to meet everybody in the Troy community so we love it. We’re so glad we were able to put it on this year.”

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