Pioneer Museum of Alabama celebrates 50th Anniversary.

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Pioneer Museum of Alabama and on Sunday, November 7th the museum celebrated this milestone.

There was food, music and a lot of Pike County history under one roof.

Troy Mayor Jason Reeves took part in the celebration and says the museum is a staple piece to the city of Troy.

“It’s really the gateway into town,” says Reeves. “As you’re coming into Troy on 231, if you’re coming from the north, it’s the first thing you see and it’s a big part of our of our heritage.”

The Pioneer Museum of Alabama allows visitors to step back into a simpler time and learn about the lifestyles and trends of generations long gone.

According to the director of the museum Barbara Tatom the museum was established by a group of individuals who wanted to preserve artifacts that were frozen in time.

“It was founded by Mr. Curran Farmer and several citizens,” says Tatom. “The story I’m told he was riding through the county he saw a bunch of rusty farm equipment and came back to town and said we need to preserve this for future generations.”

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