Troy University student gets the chance to march in the Rose Bowl Parade.

On New Year’s Day a Troy University student experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. Katarina Agnew performed in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.

Though Agnew has marched in parades since high school she said that marching in the Rose Parade was an experience unlike any other.

“We all got out of the buses and we got onto Colorado Boulevard started setting up,” says Agnew. “And I didn’t really feel like anything was happening until the sun started to rise and I saw the Goodyear blimp and you know when you see the Goodyear blimp it means that something really big is happening.”

Despite the chilly air, early start time and blinding lights, Agnew drew energy from the crowd for a strong performance.

“The energy was so high and energy is really important to me as a performer,” says Agnew. “Because performers tend to draw their energy from the crowd and something like I’ve never felt energy like that before.”

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