Civil Air Patrol exhibit on display in the Troy University Library.

Students and faculty are able to learn about the history of the Civil Air Patrol through a display in the Troy University Library.

Kelly Reeves, the interlibrary loan coordinator, said that the Civil Air Patrol has origins in World War II when an American pilot noticed Germany’s aviation in 1938 and recommended that we needed a stronger national aviation.

“For the next couple of years and of course with Pearl Harbor that sort of pushed it over the edge and they established the Civil Air Patrol in 1941,” says Reeves.

The Civil Air Patrol was originally a part of the Army Air Corps before the creation of the Air Force in 1947. Now it’s a part of the United States Air Force Auxiliary however the difference between the Civil Air Patrol and other wings of aviation is that they are non-combatant and volunteer based.

“Generally you’re going to find that the retired pilots who are volunteering their service,” says Kelly. “Things that they do frequently today is that they provide flights for people in need of medical care. They also assist in search and rescue. They’ll work with the Coast Guard in search and rescue. They also will do hurricane or disaster relief.”

The exhibit is on display on the floor of the Troy University Library across from the circulation desk.

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