Troy University’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity prepares for annual Walk Hard fundraiser with “Girls Walk Harder.”

Members of the Troy University‘s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity kicked off their annual Walk-Hard fundraiser Friday morning, walking 128 miles to Panama City Beach, however, before the guys could take their first steps some female Troy University students wanted to show that “Girls Walk Harder.”

On Wednesday, March 10th the brothers of ATO accompanied sorority sisters on a six-mile hike along a portion of their 128.3 mile trek to Panama City Beach.

ATO brother Eli Whaley says that “Girls Walk Harder” is a great way to allow everyone to have a piece of the action.

“Just a way to get girls involved in Walk Hard they get to raise some money for a great cause,” says Whaley. “Just trying to get as many people on campus as involved as possible.”

Sister of Phi Mu Julia Rutland believes that her small piece of the hike will prove to be difficult due to cold weather and a chance of rain, however, she knows that it won’t be near as difficult as the brothers hike.

“Not even anything close,” says Rutland. “You know this is like maybe a fourth of their like just first day of walking and I think it’s really generous for them to walk with us and I think it’s really cool because in two days they’re leaving to go 128 miles and they’re doing six with us today and it’s just really cool.”

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