Troy University students relieve pre-exam stress with the help of some furry friends

To help Troy University students relieve a little pre-final exam stress Trojan Outreach brought some furry friends to campus to show students that “Stress is Ruff.”

Troy’s Animal Rescue Project brought animals from their shelter for students to spend time with and have a little downtime for themselves.

“Students are under a lot of pressure taking their tests,” says TARP President Tiffany Howington. “Just giving them an outlet to kind of come and enjoy for just a little while will help them tremendously with test taking and with studying and just help them destress in general.”

Animals are known for providing therapy for people dealing with a variety of conditions including stress.

Finals can be a time that potentially provokes mental exhaustion and with the semester coming to a close students were able to stop by in between classes to clear their mind.

“Honestly this means a lot,” says TROY Student Cameron Blackwell. “The semester has been very stressful and with finals coming up everybody’s a little stressed. We want to get all studying in but it feels nice to be able to take a break and see such cute little babies out here.”

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