Sound of the South holds annual Summer High School Music Leadership Camp

Hundreds of the best and brightest high school band members from all parts of the nation came to the campus of Troy University for the Sound of the South’s Annual Summer Music and Leadership Camp to refine their skills with the famed Sound of The South.

“Well this is our Annual Summer Music Leadership Camp,” says Director of Bands Dr. Mark Walker. “We have classes in drum major, in leadership, color guard, majorette and dancing. We have concert band and percussion ensemble or drum line.”

The high school students have been working hard all week to improve their skill, however, improvement is not the only goal for the camp.

“The end goal is to have a great time and enjoy what they came here to do,” says Walker. “They learn some new skills. They polish some existing skills that they already have and they make they make new friends. You know just have a wonderful experience.”

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