Troy University kicks off the summer with first IMPACT Orientation session

Future Trojans from all over will be visiting TROY‘s campus this summer as IMPACT, the new student orientation, kicked off its first session.

“We are ushering in the 2022 version of IMPACT, which is our new student orientation,” says Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Buddy Starling. “We have 12 sessions of IMPACT over the summer. This is our very first session so it brings a lot of excitement to campus. It also brings a lot of nervousness on the part of our students, maybe some of our parents, but it ends up being just a great day. It’s one of the pivotal points in the year of our university.”

The university is hosting over 150 incoming freshmen at the first session of IMPACT. These students are experiencing orientation in its original two-day format after IMPACT being modified for the past two years due to the pandemic.

“The last two years we’ve run a modified version of IMPACT,” says Starling. “IMPACT for years had been a two day session. For the last two years we had gone with a one day session but we want students to get fully ingrained in all aspects of the Troy University culture. The one day session put a lot of limitations on that. We’re back to two day sessions this year so we’re expecting students to take home every aspect of what our rich culture has to offer them.”

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