Troy University’s IDEA Bank holds teen entrepreneurship pitch contest for scholarship money

Troy University IDEA Bank’s first ever Entrepreneurship Camp wrapped up with a pitch competition much like you would see on the tv show “Shark Tank” where high school participants pitched ideas to judges from around the business world.

“We’ve spent a week with our high school students teaching them about business planning, entrepreneurship and really diving deep in on their ideas,” says IDEA Bank Director Lynne George. “Today is when they actually get to present. Take what they’ve learned last week apply it to their specific ideas and present a business idea to the audience.”

The winner of the pitch competition will get a $2,000 scholarship Troy University something that George says encourages the campers to work hard on their ideas.

“It does two things, says George. “It puts some skin in the game. It really pushes them a little bit farther once you add that competition aspect. It’s like it becomes a little bit more serious and they go a little bit deeper into what they’re trying to communicate because they’re trying to make an impression and win something. On the other hand, of course, this camp is meant to support their entrepreneurial goals and by giving away a scholarship to the university. We’ve just revamped our entrepreneurship program in the school of business to make it a major concentration that just gives someone an opportunity to further their education and just go a little bit one step closer to pursuing entrepreneurship in their real life.”

One of the competitors Emily Stokes says she wanted to take part in the camp to help get a better feel for the world of business.

I mainly wanted to just learn the skills that they were offering here because even if in the end my business isn’t successful the skills I’m taking away from this are going to help me in my life quite a bit,” says Stokes. “So I mainly came here for the skills that I would learn.”

Stokes adds that she intends on taking advantage of the scholarship opportunity if she wins.

“I do believe I’ll take advantage of that scholarship,” says Stokes. “I’ve been planning anyways to go to Troy University so the fact that this is offering a scholarship if I win is amazing. It’ll help me a lot with the cost of going to college.”

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