International Arts Center opens portrait exhibit

Troy University’s International Arts Center has opened in a new exhibit in the Huo Bao Zhu gallery featuring four local artists.

IAC director Carrie Jaxon says she hopes this exhibit will help bring about human connection with the artwork.

“This is a portrait collective and it features artwork by Alana Hagler, Mark Mosley, Diddy Vukovic and the late Sergei Shilabeer, who actually taught painting here at Troy,” says Jaxon. “This exhibit brings together all of these amazing portraits from these artists. We felt that we wanted to have this exhibit because we often find ourselves overtaken with screens and disconnecting with people but when you are put into a room with portraits it kind of brings this human connection.”

One of the featured artists of the exhibit is Mark Mosley, a Troy University employee, who says he finds his inspiration for his portraits in his family and his friends.

“I have a few different portraits in the show,” says Mosley. “Three of them are my children so I thought it would be a great idea to put those in the show but other than that I thought it would be interesting to paint some people that I’ve worked with here over the years, just friends I’ve made, co-workers.”

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