Former NASA astronaut visits Troy University

The first African-American to perform a spacewalk paid a visit to Troy University.

Retired NASA astronaut Dr. Bernard Harris spoke at the annual Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship breakfast.

“The thing that surprised me about going into space I think was the view of the Earth,” says Harris. “On the backdrop of the sea of stars because you can see it so clearly and I I realized in that moment that this didn’t just happen that there was a purpose and in that purpose is a purpose for myself.”

He also explains that we are infinite beings with infinite possibilities and he strives to inspire black youth to find their purpose despite harmful stereotypes.

“It’s a way in which to uplift the community and uplift individuals,” says Harris. “So that they can put those stereotypes aside and to realize that they have multi-potential that they can do anything.”

Dr. Harris also explained how his fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi is helping high school students make their dreams into a reality.

“I emphasize how important education is, particularly STEM education, and then we also have community events like the event here in Troy where we’re giving out scholarships to students and to organizations in this case three high schools,” says Harris.

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