International and domestic students bond during ISCO game night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Thursday the International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) held a game night to bring international and domestic students together.

“The goal this event was to get international students and domestic students to just hang out and mingle and get to know each other,” said ISCO Chair of Activities Dylan Park.

Attendees played a variety of games and socialized with one another over snacks and drinks.

“This was the first night for ISCO and it was a way to get international students and domestic students together to just have fun, play games and just eat food,” Park said.

ISCO plans on hosting during the semester.

“For the future we’re thinking about having more country presentations for the international students,” Park explained. “We’re also going to be having more trivia nights and we’re going to be having movie nights. We’re currently thinking of new like events, too.”

To learn more about upcoming ISCO events, visit the organization on Instagram at isco_troyu.