Students decorate personalized Valentine’s Day cookies

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, TROY’s Hospitality and Tourism Club hosted a bake sale where students could not only purchase sweet treats, but also decorate them.

“We kind of did it as a Club Galentine so we made it all together,” Hospitality and Tourism Secretary Camille Horn said. “Then we were just selling them. They’re decorating their own conversation or cookies so they can write whatever they want and give it to somebody that they love or somebody they’re with on Valentine’s Day.

Organizers said the event was a fun way for students to interact and enjoy delicious treats while also supporting the club.

Students decorate Valentine’s Day cookies

“It’s just a fun way like an interactive bake sale-type thing rather than just buying something,” explained Horn. “It gives them a chance to like customize it.”

The bake sale served as a way for the Hospitality and Tourism Club to raise funds for future events.

“We’re doing a fundraiser right now to for our club to be able to do different events,” Horn told TrojanVision. “Since we are hospitality and tourism focused, we like go around to different hotels and tour them and stuff and see what it’s like to be a day in the life of working there.”