TROY crowns new Miss Phi Beta Sigma

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University has crowned its new Phi Beta Sigma (PBS) queen.

Sunday, Feb. 19, pageant participants and audience members gathered in Claudia Crosby Theater to watch as ladies competed to become the new Miss PBS. In addition to gaining a new title, the queen is expected to continue competing at various competitions.

“The winner goes and represents us at State, Regional, and Conclave,” said TROY Phi Beta Sigma President Emmanuel Marsh.

During their introductions, participants shared a motto that best represented them.

“My motto was if you cannot fly, then run, if you cannot run, then walk, if you cannot walk, then crawl but by any means necessary always keep moving forward,” said newly-crowned Miss Phi Beta Sigma Tierene Tunstall.

During the talent portion of the pageant, contestants demonstrated skills they hoped would best entertain their audience.

“I used to be on the praise dance team at church,” Miss Blue and White Shakira Thomas said. “‘Better Days’ was actually the second song that I did by myself. Praise dancing is a way that I can communicate with other people.”

One contestant told TrojanVision the experience was not only a pageant but also an opportunity to gain confidence and make new friends.

“I grew new bonds,” Miss Alpha Alpha Lambda said. “I opened up more, brought out a new personality so it was really fun.

Moments after being crowned as queen, Tunstall urged other women, especially young girls, to be brave and try new things.

“Something I would teach younger girls is not to be afraid of branching out and trying something new. I did the pageant it has brought out so much confidence in me. I’ve met new friends so I would definitely recommend you to step out of your shell, be willing to try new things and overcome any fear you have.”