Student artwork goes on display at IDEA Bank

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Some TROY students’ art is on display for people in downtown Troy to enjoy.

“It was designed to kind of give an idea of what it means to be a creative or what it means to work with the IDEA Bank,” student Jared Hester said. “Big ideas and trying to drive forward just a sense of creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Each student produced 100 sketches for the assignment. Their final drafts are the ones that are now posted along Love and Three Notch Street.

“It says create your own future,” student Emily Cousins explained. “It is going to be on the interior wall of the IDEA bank and it’s pretty simple. It’s just black lettering and it has little paint brushes and stuff like that surrounding it kind of like communicate the idea of creating your own future.”

“It’s just a great opportunity for us as design students. We have a small small tight-knit group of us that now a lot of people get to see what we’re doing.”

Reanna Thompson, student

The IDEA Bank will have a showing of the murals on Feb. 22.

According to its website, the IDEA Bank “aims to support student-centric entrepreneurship and new ventures in the southeast Alabama region by providing students with the knowledge, resources, and support system to launch their ideas locally.”