TROY SGA elections are coming up; here’s what the SGA actually is

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — With an upcoming election on the way, TROY’s Student Government Association (SGA) President is clarifying the organization’s purpose.

Although students may know Troy University has a SGA, some may not know what the organization’s purpose is. The SGA is made up of three separate parts. The first part is called the Freshman Forum.

“That is really our freshman-based SGA,” said SGA President Ava Carnazza. “We made it so that freshmen can get involved but also adapted to what SGA is.”

After the Freshman Forum comes the Senate, which is made up of senators elected by the student body.

“Any senator can bring an idea to the Senate,” explained SGA Executive Vice President Dalton Cates. “Whether it be through a resolution or accommodation of someone here on campus. They can even make amendments to our code of laws that we have or the constitution.”

The final part of the SGA is the the Presidential Cabinet.

“We meet every other Thursday but there’s many different committees on there,” Carnazza said. “As SGA exec, we are always willing to hear people’s opinions, students’ opinions, and concerns about the university. We actually love to have students in the office.”

Students are encouraged to visit the SGA office at room 215 in the Trojan Center. The 2023-2024 SGA Executive Board elections will be held on Wednesday, March 1.