Trojan Art Day returns after two-year hiatus

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — For the first time in two years, the Troy Art Department held its Trojan Art Day.

On Friday, March 3, students from across the Southeast visited Troy’s campus to view art, talk with art students, and meet Troy professors.

“Trojan Art Day is in conjunction with the Visual Arts Achievement Program, which is a state competition,” explained Art and Design Professor Kelly Berwager. “We haven’t done it in two years, so we’re excited that people are here.”

Teachers from across the region came with their students to learn more about art and foster appreciation.

“Today is one of those days that we bring them to see a more elite side of the art world,” said Zion Chapel teacher Kasey Adkinson. “Sometimes we bring them so they can see things that maybe budget can’t encompass or maybe it’s just the next level of a peak of what would be here if they were here.”

Troy University art students and staff showed middle and high school students type of art they may not have been familiar with.

“They can go in and do an interactive video session, they can go screen print their own t-shirts, they can do a sketchbook, make their own sketchbooks, lettering and calligraphy workshops,” Berwager said.

Students even had an opportunity for their artwork to be displayed for everyone to see.

“A lot of these kids have participated in the competition and their artwork is over at the International Arts Center,” Berwager told TrojanVision. “It’s on display for two to three weeks.”

Staff members hope this annual opportunity not only helps grow love for arts, but also recruits potential students.

“The goal of having them come here is to have them, one, experience a college setting and, two, get to interact with college students and college instructors,” Berwager explained.

As students return home, Troy TROY they will go on to share their art with their fellow classmates and possibly return to further their academic careers.

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