TROY celebrates International Women’s Day with discussion of beauty

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students, staff, and members of the Troy community gathered to recognize Women’s History Month during “Beauty and the Mind: A Discussion of Perceptions of Beauty.”

A panel off four women, each a Troy faculty member, led the discussion and presented different perspectives on beauty.

“I don’t think beauty is something just decorative or passive,” said panel member and Art and Design Lecturer Beverly Leach. “It’s the content of our actions, the content of our words.”

According to organizers, the panel aimed to uplift faculty, and students by giving them a better understanding of gender.

“I’m hoping students feel inspired and, hopefully, they have conversation and dialogue among themselves about how gender is something that is a construct of culture and society and then it goes back to strength and self-confidence,” Leach explained.

During her lecture, Leach explained how society plays a major role in beauty trends. She also urged women who lack beauty-related confidence to start within.

“I think having self-confidence in your inner strength and your self-worth,” Leach said. “Maybe a daily affirmation of ‘Yeah. I’m on this, I got this.’ Just the power of positive thinking.”

Several students and faculty members were there for the discussion. One man said his appreciation for International Women’s Day comes from his grandmother.

“I came to this country from a refugee camp at the age of seven from Czechoslovakia,” said Assistant Professor David Chroust. “When I was growing up, my grandmother would send my mother a a greeting card celebrating International Women’s Day in Czech.”

Although International Women’s Day may be over, organizers hope the public’s appreciation for women extends throughout the entire year.