Former White House photographers headline 2023 journalism symposium

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Journalism and communication students gathered for the 2023 M. Stanton Evans Journalism Symposium.

This year’s speakers were White House photographers Ralph Alswang and Paul Morse. Alswang worked under President Bill Clinton while Morse worked under President George Bush.

“Being around certain emotional moments around loss and his (Clinton’s) ability to work with people was really impactful,” Alswang said.

Morse reminisced on his time during the September 11 attacks with President Bush and the time he flew over New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

“It really had affected all of us, especially me, because I knew New Orleans,” Morse explained. “I loved it and to see it devastated like that was almost incomprehensible.”

Both men discussed how they tried to capture both the serious and personal sides of the presidents. They also discussed the relationships between them and the presidents they served.

Alswing and Morse both encouraged students to use the resources they have.

“What you’re learning here now has multiple uses and what’s important to figure out what those uses are for you and what excites you and how you want to use the ability to communicate,” Alswing told TrojanVision.

“Don’t be afraid to work really really hard, don’t be discouraged what part of learning is failing but stay true to your heart things will happen,” Morse said.