TROY Arboretum receives grants for trail updates, outdoor classroom

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A familiar site at Troy University is getting new additions thanks to grants received by various organizations.

“We’ve gotten several other grants,” said Arboretum Director Alvin Diamond. “The Wiregrass RC&D (Wiregrass Resource, Conservation and Development Council), Walmart corporation have given us grants for doing things like this kiosk, which will have trail maps and information. We’ll also be working on restoring some of the habitats out here like our pitcher plant bog and the wildflower meadow and the pollinator garden.”

Another important project for the Arboretum is an outdoor classroom that allows for a flexible learning environment.

“It’s got seating and stainless steel tables that we can work on,” Diamond said.”We’re collecting samples out of the pond or something that’s too messy to go in the building.”

The Arboretum encompasses 75 acres of land as well as seven and a half miles of walking trails. There’s also over 500 species of identified plants at the Arboretum. Diamond has been the head of it since 1987.

“We want to raise awareness of the plants that occur and the animals also that occur here in the Wiregrass region,” Diamond explained. “We want to provide information about things that are rare, things that are threatened, but also other things like what kind of wood does this tree use for? Is this plant edible, is it poisonous?”

Students in the community are encouraged to visit the Arboretum to learn or just to relax and take in the nature. Those interested in visiting the Arboretum can do so at 101 Pell Avenue.