TROY sororities and fraternities debut dance moves during Greek Sing

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Wednesday night Troy University kicked off Greek Week with the annual Greek Sing competition.

During the event, sororities and fraternities were asked to work together in teams to show off their dancing skills using the theme “Y2K.”

“This is going to be a thing that’s in the history books one day because it’s so cool and so different and it’s just unlike anything anybody else does at other universities,” said Points and Rules Chair Abigail Grantham. “It draws in people that aren’t even in Greek life because it’s such a big competition.”

Greek organizations worked on their routines every night leading up to the competition. Some members said the late night practices are what bonded the different organizations together.

“Practice has been rigorous and they have been on us, on us, on us,” Delta Sigma Theta President Donna Brewton. “I really feel like I’ve been on an episode with Dance Moms but at the same time it’s been fun. We’ve been getting to know each other, but we’ve also been working hard.”

“Judges were looking for various factors when it came on scoring teams. Overall they were looking for the commitment of each teammate and some judges say that these these were the best Greek Sing performances they’ve seen in a while.

“Everybody came with a lot of energy, the dance moves were there, the comedy was there, for sure,” said Dance Professor Ryan Wagstaff. “I really enjoyed it. Everybody came with it and they left it all on the floor and I’m proud of them.”

Even though Greek Week is a competition, the main goal is to bring people together and it showed during the night’s performances.

“It’s like making everybody inclusive, bringing everybody together and everybody’s just like a community feeling,” Wagstaff said. “It’s just love all that week.”

“Being able to work with other organizations, even other organizations that don’t have the same ideas of you or even don’t look like you, it means a lot because at the end of the day, we still have the same goal,” Brewton explained. “We want to win, we care about our giving back to the community, we care about scholarship so it’s been really fun.”

Greek Week ends Friday, March 31 during this year’s Band Party.