SGA and Pike Animal Shelter hold ‘Puppy Picnic’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — TROY’s Student Government Association (SGA) partnered with the Pike Animal Shelter to find furry friends a new home during their “Puppy Picnic.”

“We have found out that Pike Animal Shelter is only one or two dogs away from being at capacity and having to start put animals down,” explained SGA Academic Affairs Senator Sarah Laney. “They have no more room for them and we absolutely do not want that so we have partnered with them.”

Students met outside to enjoy the weather and ease their mind from their extracurricular activities.

“These pups are just absolutely precious,” said SGA Senator Camryn Easterling. “We wanted to just bring them out here and just let the students come hang out with them and just have a good time. Just ease out from all the hard classes that are going on, especially at the end of the semester.”

The Puppy Picnic not only gave the pups a chance to be adopted, but also let them be free and social with students for a few hours.

“They get to be outside all day and there’s so many there that they just can’t let them all be outside roaming around, even on leashes, because there are so many,” Laney said. “There’s so few volunteers and workers there so they just get to be around so many people and get all that love and attention.”

Anyone looking to adopt a dog or give a donation is highly encouraged to reach out to the animal shelter. The fee to apply is $125.