Resident assistant gives advice amid severe weather season

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — During severe weather season, students may ask “what should I bring” or “what should I do?”

One resident assistant in Newman Center described some precautions and steps that students can take.

“We’re here to make sure every student is safe,” said resident assisant Izayaah Rich. “That’s what I signed up for so if there’s bad weather, I make sure that I get every student out of their rooms, bring them down to the hallway and make sure everybody’s in the hallway and I have to be sure that they’re safe.”

When it comes to precautions students can take before severe weather hits, one student suggests having basic necessities on standby.

“I have first aid kit, I have water, crackers and gummies,” said resident Maya Cottrell. “I have two packs of clothes and I have toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, stuff like that.”

Rich also urged students to be ready to go when severe weather strikes.

“When it comes to situations like this I’m really good at calming a person down and talking to them,” Rich told TrojanVision. “Getting them to understand that we’re doing this for your safety because we want you to be safe.”

For additional severe weather tips, visit Trojan Outreach’s Instagram page or contact your own resident assistant.