UAC holds ‘Ziplining in the Dark’ at Butter and Egg Adventures

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students geared up and took to the skies during the University Activities Council’s (UAC) Ziplining in the Dark event at Butter and Egg Adventures.

“It’s pretty fun,” said UAC Public Relations Coordinator Catelyn Blackmon. “It’s really a stress reliever. Jumping off and just getting that rush of adrenaline .I really do enjoy it and I think it’s I think a lot of students actually do enjoy it as well.”

Ziplining was not the only activity that students did. They also played laser tag and did rock climbing.

“Our laser tag field, it almost looks like a battlefield kind of setup,” said Butter and Egg Adventures Manager Natalie Carnley. “That’s the theme for our laser tag and so there’s all kinds of bunkers that you can hide behind. It’s just really fun to do that at night. It gives a different feel for sure.”

You might have noticed that it does not look as dark as people expect when they hear “zip lining in the dark.” This is because the UAC decided to start a little bit earlier than usual.

“We planned to do it a little earlier during the day so people can actually zip line during the daytime instead of at night,” Blackmon explained. “A lot of people didn’t like night and they wanted to do it during the day. I’ve never ziplined during the day. This is going to be my first time, actually ,so I’m pretty excited to actually see myself ziplining and be able to actually see the trees and see everything

The UAC is able to host events at Butter and Egg Adventures thanks to a partnership between Troy University and Butter and Egg.