Local TikToker worries about possible banning of popular app

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — One thing that has been making headlines recently is the possible banning of the well-known app Tik Tok.

Recently, the CEO of Tik Tok took the stand in front of Congress to fight claims that the app is being used by China to spy on the United States. As some users fear they won’t be able to get their daily entertainment fix, many Tik Tok creators fear they’ll lose a major platform and financial avenue.

Marquel Bryant is a local content creator on Tik Tok with nearly 70,000 followers. He believes the claims against the app are null and void.

“I think it’s just the entertainment app and there’s not a lot that people aren’t putting too much of their personal information out there without giving their consent to it,” Bryant told TrojanVision.

Bryant says Tik Tok is a tool that can help content creators get their content to audiences around the world.

“A lot of my Instagram followers came from Tik Tok, probably like 70 percent of my Instagram followers are from Tik Tok,” Bryant said. “You can link all your other platforms to it. I think it definitely just benefits other platforms, too.”