TROY organizations hold ‘Pearls on Ice;’ encourage campus involvement

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — This week members of Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) are getting together for a combination of events and community service.

“This is an event called Pearls on Ice and it’s just a social event to get everybody out the house and get people to interact with the AKAs vand Alphas because they don’t get to do that a lot,” said Alpha Kappa Alpha member Gabrielle Moore. “This week is Fam Week so it’s a week for people to interact with us and get to know us.”

“We just host events really for the campus so everybody can get involved and get to know each other,” said Alpha Phi Alpha Secretary Christian Dudley. “There’s more campus involvement.”

Members of these organizations stressed the importance of being active on campus.

“If you’re not active and present on campus, people won’t know what you do and they won’t get a chance to to meet you and also understand what your organization is about,” Moore said. “Presence on campus is necessary and mandatory and also just a good example and a good opportunity for people to interact with us.”

“The number one objective of our goals is to make sure that campus involvement is our number one thing,” Dudley told TrojanVision. “Make sure that everybody knows that we care about them and that our best interests are with them everyone.”

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the events held by these organizations.