Concert Chorale embarks on ‘musical journey’ to Spain during performance

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Sunday afternoon the Troy University Concert Chorale performed at the St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church.

The concert centered around a piece called Romancero Gitano.

“One of our guitar faculty, Dr. Robert Gibson, he has a doctorate and guitar and he approached me,” said Lecturer of Choral Music Dr. Scott Sexton. “He’s like ‘ I have this really cool work I’ve been dying to play. Would you consider doing a choir?’ The result was a beautiful collaboration. We just had a great time.”

Along with the collaboration with Gibson, Sexton also said he has a personal connection with this piece.

“My grandfather is from Puerto Rico and his grandparents were from Spain and also when I was the undergrad student at Troy University long ago, I minored in Spanish so there’s lots of Spanish cultural connections and I was happy to do a concert based on these connections.”

Romancero Gitano was the centerpiece at the concert. The other songs performed were also based on the Flamenco Style.

“We had a Mexican Renaissance piece,” Sexton said. “We had also had a Spanish piece set to Matthew chapter 18 verses 19 and 20. We end it with a really exciting Mexican folk song. The arrangement of that had lots of hand clapping and lots of fun rhythms.”

Sexton said he is very proud of the work the students have put in to perform these pieces.

“The students just did an amazing job,” Sexton told TrojanVision. “Not only did they sing the music so beautifully, they just really internalized it and really took the meaning to heart so it was very heartfelt. I felt very proud.”

“I think was the prevailing emotion this is such a wonderful ensemble and to get to call these people my peers my friends,” said choral member Madelyn Huston.

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