International Trade Show takes students around the world

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Sorrell College of Business’s annual International Trade Show returned for its sixth year.

The trade show is made up of juniors and seniors from the Sorrell College of Business that are taking the managing and global environment class with Clint Relyea. Instead of taking a final exam, students are assigned a country to showcase to judges, faculty, staff, and students.

“This is one of our Capstone classes so we usually take it during your junior or usually your senior year,” explained student Melody Taylor. “We just showcase countries that he assigns us.”

Once the projects are finished and the trade show is over, students will receive a score that makes up a large portion of their overall grade.

“We do weekly meetings with our group members and we figure out what we want to include, what things we need to buy, how we want to present it,” said student Caden Lunsford. “We work on this all semester. It’s been a couple months now. I would say we really started putting things together and purchasing things within the last month or so.”

One of Taylor’s favorite parts of the assignment was learning about France.

“The champagne it’s made in France and it’s only in the Champaign region where it can be considered champagne,” Taylor explained.

Through this project Lunsford learned Iceland has a fish jerky that has quite a taste.

“I was trying some very specific Icelandic Cuisine,” Lunsford said. “We actually have fish jerky, which is an acquired taste. If you don’t want to taste, it you’ll definitely smell it.”

The International Trade Show dates back to April 2018.