Director of Broadcast & Digital Network retires after 15 years

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — After over 50 years in broadcast, TROY’s Broadcast and Digital Network director bid farewell to the university he has served for 15 years.

Wednesday afternoon, Buddy Johnson stepped into retirement while surrounded by members of his family, his department and his friends. As a respected industry professional, Johnson has played a pivotal role in shaping TROY’s reputation for excellence in broadcast.

“I’ve enjoyed it,” Johnson said. “I graduated from here in 1975. My wife did, all of my children did so I love TROY. I’ve always loved radio and TV. This is my 50th year in radio television.”

Throughout his career, Johnson inspired many people to go into the broadcast field while sharing the knowledge he gained by working at different stations. Dedicated listeners may recognize Johnson’s voice from WTVF, FOX34 and his time spent covering local football and basketball games.

“He’s done a lot to help build up this program in the last 15 years,” said Television Manager Aaron Taylor. “He’s helped create where we are right now and help guide where we are as a department. It’s going to be crazy to not have them around anymore. It might be a little more quiet around here but still a little bit crazy not to have him around anymore. Buddy loves to talk and get to know everybody and share and his family is most important.”

As Johnson embarks on a new chapter of life, those who know him say his legacy will continue to encourage broadcast excellence in years to come.