Dr. Kerry Palmer named new Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University has named Kerry Palmer as Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Palmer’s history with TROY starts in an unexpected place and with a familiar figure.

“I was in the All State Band at the University of Alabama and I had decided that that’s where I was going to go to school,” Palmer explained. “Dr. John Long from here at Troy was introduced to us and spoke to us. After the rehearsal he encouraged me to apply for a scholarship here.”

Soon, Palmer received a scholarship that topped Alabama’s and found himself marching in the Sound of the South. Over the years he rose through the ranks and eventually served as drum major.

“I was drum major for the 92-93 and 94 marching seasons,” Palmer said.

After graduating with a degree in music education, Palmer spent many years in public and private schools. During that time he served as band director, a middle school principal and, later, Head of Schools for Trinity Presbyterian Schools.

Then, with 15 years of experience under his belt, Palmer came back to Trojan territory.

“I was originally hired to be the Associate Dean of the College of Education,” Palmer told TrojanVision. “They were looking for somebody that had a background in K-12 education but also had a background in fundraising and advancements. Once that offer was made to me there wasn’t any question in my mind. I was going to take it.”

That position is where Palmer was until he was tapped as the Dean of College of Education. He stayed in that position until May 2023 when he was appointed the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Although some people might think overseeing the largest division of the University could be daunting, Palmer says his primary goal is simple.

“The most important interaction that ever takes place in an educational environment is the interaction between the faculty and the student,” Palmer explained. “I see this role as being the the chief supporter of that relationship. From the side of the faculty, giving the faculty what they need to be successful and giving students what they need to be successful.”

Palmer fills the position left vacant by the retirement of Dr. Lance Tatum.