Boys State delegates tour TROY TrojanVision News

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — With most students away for the summer, delegates of this year’s American Legion Boys State explored TROY’s campus.

Thursday morning, some Boys State participants toured TROY TrojanVision News’ studio.

“It is really cool to be in a newsroom and see all the different sets that are all right next to each other, which I never really thought about,” said delegate Tristan McDonald. “The production studio was also really cool.”

The group learned what happens behind the scenes of a typical newscast and how to work the equipment used during a show. One piece of equipment group members got to try stood out more than others.

“I really liked the green screen,” McDonald told TrojanVision. “I knew about the monitors and that it was a green screen but I didn’t realize how tough the hand-eye coordination is.”

“I’ve learned that I actually really like green screens in the weather,” said delegate Justin Reinhardt. “I love it.”

Although some group members didn’t initially plan to attend the TrojanVision interest group, they said they didn’t regret coming.

“This is kind of a second option but I definitely don’t regret picking this because I’ve been interested in news media for a while now,” said delegate Xavier Henderson. “This is kind of like a thing that I’m definitely interested in so I’m glad I chose it.”

“To be honest I got lost in the house and I wandered down here,” Reinhardt said. “I actually ended up really liking it. I’m enjoying the time with my new friends.”

Overall, the tour allowed group members to see where they could fit in in a news studio.

“I learned how to use stuff like the cameras,” Henderson explained. “I learned how to use a teleprompter, how production works. It’s a lot harder than expected but I definitely do enjoy that as well so I may consider that as a job in my future.”

While this group toured TrojanVision, other Boys State delegates participated in similar interest group meetings such as Fire College, Air & Space Academy, and business.