IMPACT leaders prepare for 2023 summer sessions

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A group of TROY students is preparing to help incoming freshman get acquainted with their new home.

The first session of Troy University’s campus orientation program, IMPACT, is just days away. The students that will lead these sessions are wrapping up their training and looking to apply their knowledge to this year’s incoming freshmen.

“The biggest thing we’ve been doing is hearing from different directors from different spots on campus,” said IMPACT leader Max Cooper. “They come in and talk to us. They tell us what we need to know so that way we can give that information to the students. They’re setting us up to give the students the best chance at finding out what they need to know and where they need to go when they come to campus.”

Although everybody has a different experience during orientation, IMPACT leaders’ job is to help the next group of students toward a common goal.

“I came in during COVID and so I didn’t get the full side of IMPACT,” Cooper explained. “I think that’s really important for students. It can be really scary coming in, especially when you’re by yourself, if you don’t really know anybody. Coming in, making those connections with not only each other but the IMPACT leaders. I’m really excited to make connections with the students.”

However, IMPACT isn’t just about playing games and meeting friends. Some of the most important connections students will make this summer may not be with their peers.

“We give students an opportunity to both get to see the University as a whole and a lot of our different programs and offerings that we have here,” said Sr. Associate Dean of the Sorrell College of Business Dr. George Crowley. “We make sure that all the students get face time and interaction with the faculty members.”

IMPACT’s first session begins Monday, June 12. To learn more about IMPACT, visits its webpage here.