YLF delegates end this year’s session with graduation ceremony

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The week of fun has come to an end for Alabama Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) delegates.

Before delegates left, there was one final event for them to participate in: graduation.

“At the end they earn a certificate for participation,” explained Assistant Professor Sharon Weaver.

Delegates’ leaders were also presented with certificates. They also had the chance to share what the delegates taught them about being a leader.

“They get to talk about how this person came out of their shell or they were already super excited to be here,” Weaver said. “That’s part of the fun part of graduation is getting to hear the growth and development of our delegates and how much the counselors learned through all of that.”

Family and friends also attended the graduation ceremony. YLF’s graduation gives loved ones the chance to learn something new about the delegates.

“Parents get an opportunity to hear from others who aren’t with them day-to-day about how much their young person has learned and grown,” Weaver said.

YLF is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. It aims to equip high school students with disabilities with valuable leadership skills through sessions on self-esteem, career exploration, technology, independent living, and etiquette.