IMPACT students get competitive at Butter and Egg Adventures

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As IMPACT students continue pouring through TROY’s campus, they’re also learning how to have fun at Butter and Egg Adventures.

Thursday night, future Trojans were able to meet new people and bond over activities at Butter and Egg Adventures.

“We’ve done a lot of information-heavy things today, we’ve sprinkled a little bit of fun in there as well,” said IMPACT leader Max Cooper. “Here at Butter and Egg it’s solely just to build relationships, let them have fun, have a good time.”

IMPACT groups participated in games and friendly competitions, including kickball, zip lining, and paddle boating.

“The teams are intermingling, talking, getting each other’s phone numbers, making friends,” Cooper explained. “After that we get to have a little bit of competitive fun. We get to compete against each other so it’s really just all about having fun and making good friendships along the way.”

Students say the night at Butter and Egg helped them get to know people they have not met yet. The night also provided a chance for students to have some fun outside of their color-coordinated groups.

Students prepare to zipline during an IMPACT session at Butter and Egg Adventures

“I think it’s just so amazing that we get this opportunity,” said IMPACT student Emily Turner. “Not only do we get to feel a little bit more comfortable around one another but we get to talk to other people in other color groups. Also just have a little bit more fun.”

Students also say IMPACT as a whole provides them with more information about TROY and has made the transition to a college much easier.

“I like to come in here because of the amount of information that they have given us,” IMPACT student Savanah Whisenhunt said. “Being able to bond with people that I haven’t met before because I was honestly nervous to come here for the first time not knowing anyone but it has been really nice meeting people.”

After competitions and dinner at Butter and Egg, IMPACT students traveled to Troy University’s Trojan Fitness and Wellness Center for more activities.