‘International Insights’ aims to bring global leaders to local viewers

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Two political science experts are taking their expertise to a global level thanks to a new show called “International Insights.”

It’s no surprise that Troy University, also known as “Alabama’s International University,” spends a lot of its time fostering global conversations. Thanks to a new TrojanVision show, viewers will get to sit in on those all-important discussions. Each show will be hosted by political science experts Dr. Michael Slobodchikoff and Dr. G. Doug Davis.

“Dr. Slobodchikoff and I have developed many contacts globally and we thought it would be a great thing to bring them to the Troy community,” Davis said.

International Insights aims to bring important figures from around the globe to TrojanVision viewers, Troy University students and global audiences. Each broadcast will feature Slobodchikoff and Davis asking experts questions about economics, politics, and, the most important question, why it should matter to Americans.

“We can no longer deny the fact that the world is interconnected and hearing the perspectives of people who are making leadership decisions for foreign countries that affect the life here in Alabama is actually very important,” Davis explained.

The show also provides an example of using technology to bridge the gap between people who may not be able to interact in person.

“Social media has definitely compacted the world in terms of communications,” Slobodchikoff told TrojanVision. “That’s one of the amazing things of of technology and social media that we hope that this show can actually bring.”

International Insights is expected to debut the week of July 10. Its first guest will be Khemaies Jhinaoui, Tunisia’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.