Troy’s downtown square entirely filled for the first time in years

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Downtown Troy has become home to many local events and several businesses and now every store window you see is full.

As the population grows, more businesses come to the city.

Troy Mayor Jason Reeves says with Troy University’s upcoming large freshman class and returning students coming back in the fall, it’s exciting to see the city grow.

“We’re excited,” Reeves said. “We know we’ve had a little bit of a downturn through COVID and we’re seeing a real bounce back.”

Reeves says the city and the University work together to create a space that is appealing to everyone.

“Our long-range plan has always been to try to grow downtown towards the university,” Reeves explained. “We want to have the best town-gown relationship in the country, and I think we have the opportunity to do that.”

The downtown square is also an event location for several local events, like TroyFest and the University Homecoming Parade. The downtown square is also where Troy University’s Idea Bank resides, which means even more University-related events take place at the downtown square.

Reeves says events on the square allow people to explore everything the square has to offer and give downtown businesses the chance to shine.

“Any chance that we get to show off downtown, I think that’s helped, and it’s really just a synergistic effect where each business thrives off each other,” Reeves said.

The city of Troy is growing outside of the downtown square as well. Reeves told TrojanvVision about the city’s plans to place more businesses on South Brundidge Street and on Highway 231.

According to Reeves, Troy residents can expect new restaurants, like Moe’s Original Barbeque, retail stores, and a bowling alley to be in Troy in the near future.