TROY lecturer to release new debut single ‘Just Go For It’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A Troy University faculty member is achieving her dreams by releasing her debut single.

Brenda Jean Hamilton is a lecturer of voice at Troy University. She uses her talents and experiences from the world of music to help students figure out their potential career paths in the music industry.

Now, she’s using her talent and experience to complete a goal of releasing music.

“Last year, I set the goal for myself, and here I am a year later, releasing my very first single and it’s called ‘Just Go For It,’” Hamilton said.

In music, there is usually a muse. Hamilton’s muse for her debut single was the students she taught at Troy University that struggled to figure out what they wanted to do career wise.

“I have to tell them the story of how I ditched school one day and I just went for my dreams, you just gotta go for it.”

Brenda Jean Hamilton

Hamilton is not doing this musical journey on her own.

Her co-writer is Brandon Barnes, a decorated songwriter that has worked with people like Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and many other household names.

According to Hamilton, the duo’s musical partnership formed quickly.

Barnes and Hamilton began working on Hamilton’s debut single after they had a conversation about Hamilton’s students being confused on making their career decisions.

“He jumps over to my piano in my office, and he starts playing. We basically started writing it within five minutes,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton further explained that it’s important to have a good partnership with the people you work with.

“When you find somebody whose work ethic matches your own, it’s just firing out all these different ideas and creativity and it’s just this big explosion.”

The duo will continue to work together on future projects.

‘Just Go For It,’ Hamilton’s debut single, is set to release on all music platforms on July 21 at midnight.

Hamilton has confirmed with TrojanVision that a music video for the single will come out after the single release. In addition, Hamilton said fans should expect more music from her in the future.

To keep up with Hamilton’s projects, visit her website here.