Aspiring soccer players learn from the pros during Youth Soccer Camp

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — This week, Troy University’s soccer team grew exponentially thanks to this year’s Women’s Youth Soccer Camp.

The camp is designed to help young athletes work on their craft.

“We’re split up into a few different groups based on that age,” Graduate Assistant Lindsey LaRoche said. “Our little kids are just playing around with the soccer ball, finding that love for the game. Our older kids, we’re doing more drills with them, more technique. Teaching them how to pass and also have fun while playing this game.”

Troy University Football Coach Jon Sumrall‘s daughter, Sadie, attended the camp in hopes of perfecting her soccer skills. She has been playing the sport for three years.

“I played soccer last year and it didn’t get so well so I decided to come and learn how to actually play soccer,” Sumrall explained.

LaRoche says she wanted to help with this year’s summer camp after remembering her own time as a camper.

“It’s the same thing I experienced when I was their age. I went through camps, I played a ton of different sports [and] didn’t know which one I would have landed on. I just had all these coaches love on me and teach me the game and teach me the love of the game.”

Although the camp focuses on soccer, the game isn’t the only thing being taught. Valuable skills such as leadership are also demonstrated.

“We want children to know that they’re strong,” LaRoche said. “How they hold themselves matters and they can lead people well through their actions, through the way they speak, how they treat others.”

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