Kids learn about community during TROY’s Civic Heroes Camp

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s Office of Civic Engagement is working to teach the next generation about civics and ethical behavior.

“Civic Heroes was created about four years ago right when we were entering COVID,” said Office of Civic Engagement Coordinator Lauren Cochran. “A summer camp should be fun, but we also wanted there to be some learning components.”

The camp focuses on civics and American government as well as different characteristics of a good citizen. Campers told TrojanVision they learned several ways to be a good citizen.

“Make sure to help your community and make sure your community is really good.” — Logan Potter

“I’ve learned how to be respectful and honest.” — Logan Ogleclark

“Symbols, assets, community services.” — Brooks Taylor

Campers also learned about local community leaders such as members of the Troy Police Department.

“Every day we have what we call a community hero from a local service or a local non-profit,” Cochran explained.

Several campers told TrojanVision how much they enjoyed getting to meet a police officer.

“I loved his story about how he helps his community and how his dog helps him.” — Lyndie Carson

“I liked meeting the dog and and seeing how he works.” — Vivi Vijay

Campers also participated in asset mapping, which teaches them about different resources and places in their community.

“They will identify and recognize and learn about those assets and then they will even get to build a campaign for a particular category and vote on the best one at the end,” Cochran said.

Cochran hopes campers will take what they have learned during Civic Heroes into their own community.

“It is elevating their experience as well and really giving them the tools that they need to be active in their local community.”

To learn more about Civic Heroes and the Office of Civic Engagement, click here.