International students prepare to start fall semester at TROY

TROY, ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students from around the world come to Troy University, also known as Alabama’s International University.

You’ve packed up your suitcases and flown away to another country to begin your American college experiences. But why the United States?

“I really like the people here, and therefore I thought it would be nice to spend a longer time here,” said international student Johannes Ziller.

This week and last week, international students are participating in their orientation to Troy University.

“I think they enjoy more the events that we do than the check-in process,” said Dean of International Student Services Maria Frigge.

Troy University boasts the slogan, “Alabama’s International University.” Frigge says while this is an opportunity for international students, students from other countries bring opportunity for domestic students, too.

“Having the international students on campus is a great opportunity for our domestic students to learn new cultures and the meet people that are not from Alabama.”

As for Ziller, he is excited to begin his semester in the United States.

“I just wanted to learn about another culture because everything is similar and things like that, but here in the U.S., everything is a little bit different, and I wanted to get to know those things too a little bit.”

Troy University hosts students from all over the world. Students come from countries including South Africa, Ghana, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, and South Korea. Click to learn more about TROY’s international and study abroad programs.