Trojan Fitness Center transforms for Neon Roller Skating Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Recently, students rolled down to the campus Rec Center to skate into the new school year.

Wednesday night, students met at the Trojan Fitness Center. There, they turned off the lights and turned on the neon.

“We brought in a skating rink floor and a DJ and we got students to come out,” said Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President Betsy Bennett. “They’re decked out in all of their neon attire. It’s just a really fun event for students to kind of do something they don’t get to do every day.”

Those new to Troy University may benefit the most from Welcome Week events.

“It really helps you adapt to college more when you have a campus that’s really welcoming and trying to work with you,” said student Ginny Messenger. “Everyone else is just so nice here and it really helps trying to acclimate to living on your own.”

“Something I’m really excited for is Welcome Week and getting to meet all the new freshmen and be a mentor to them and help them decide what they want to do while they’re here,” said student Tyler Steele. “There’s so many options at TROY.”

Event organizers say students who are involved in activities are more likely to make friends and create important connections.

“There are actually over 200 student-led organizations so there’s really something there for everyone,” Bennett said.

Many student organizations use social media platforms to post schedule and event dates.