Glow in the Dark Yoga helps students meet new friends, relax

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The second round of Welcome Week 2023 kicked off with a neon-filled outdoor activity: Glow in the Dark Yoga.

Over the weekend students brought their yoga mats and gathered at the Trojan Amphitheater for Glow in the Dark Yoga.

“Glow in the Dark Yoga provides an opportunity for students to come out, stretch, relax, take a breather before the first full week of classes,” said Welcome Week Committee member Madison McGee. “It gives students an opportunity to have a yoga class for free, experience it if they’ve never done it before, see if it’s something that they like.”

This Welcome Week event brought students together in a fun and active way.

“It’s important for students to stay active at TROY not only because it gives them opportunities to make new connections, make new friends, but it’s just a healthier lifestyle. If you’re out with friends, it’s better than being by yourself. It’s really important to stay active no matter if that’s actually being physically active, being socially active or just being involved.”

“It helps get your body moving, it gets you feeling good,” said student Madison Thompson.

The event, along with other Welcome Week activities, was a way to get new students involved on campus.

“t’s important for all students in all classes but especially for freshmen to see what Troy University is about and all the opportunities that there is for them to have fun,” McGee explained. Sophomores, juniors and seniors, it provides them another opportunity to see what else is on campus, what’s new, find some new friends, make some new connections.”